Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams Join 'Big Eyes', Which Is Now a Tim Burton Film

April 3, 2013


As he may have something to say on the subjects of working with spouses and a fierce devotion to a creepy aesthetic, Tim Burton has decided to direct Big Eyes, the Weinstein Company's drama based on the life and paintings of Walter and Margaret Keane.

Burton was already producing the film, and his Ed Wood writers Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander--who also wrote The People Vs. Larry Flynt--have brought their talent for court cases and quirky creators of weird shit to the script. Additionally, Deadline reports, now Christoph Waltz and the delightful Amy Adams are attached to star but still somehow get supporting role Academy Award nominations. They'll play the Keanes, whose paintings of wide-eyed, Graves Disease-afflicted youths were a hit with your grandparents in the '50s and '60s. Walter long took credit for paintings, and became something of a celebrity for his skill and charisma, but a court case between he and his wife later established that she was the true artist when the judge declared a paint-off, for real.

Ryan Reynolds and Reese Witherspoon had previously been attached to the project back when the writers were going to co-direct their script, but now the two are free to make the romantic-comedy that should logically be their team-up. He's hunky, philandering celebrity Jason Pillar; she's the high-profile gossip blogger who can't stand him. This Valentine's Day, they find that sometimes love has a comments section in: Pillar to Post.

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