Colin Firth To Play Bond Type, Also Woody Allen Type

April 30, 2013


Colin Firth is reportedly in talks to, separately, play a Bond-type secret agent and the presumably-neurotic lead in Woody Allen's next, leaving Clive Owen and Hugh Grant free to just dick around and play Xbox at Clive's all summer long.

LatinoReview claims Firth will play the Bond guy in The Secret Service, the latest collaboration for the Kick-Ass team of comics creator Mark Millar, director Matthew Vaughn, and writer Jane Goldman. Described pretty aptly by Millar as "James Bond meets My Fair Lady," it focuses on a veteran MI6 agent as he attempts to foster his loser nephew into following in his spy footsteps. At last, the thrills of espionage meet the convenience of nepotism.

Meanwhile, Deadline reports Firth is in talks to star opposite Emma Stone as the predictably-older male lead in Woody Allen's latest. That film doesn't yet have a name or plot synopsis revealed, but it's shooting in the South of France, and Firth is over twice Stone's age, so everything is going as expected.

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