De Niro To Again Pretend He's Involved in Boxing

April 9, 2013


Robert De Niro, who you probably know as boxing guy from that black and white boxing movie, is being typecast again for Jonathan Jakubowicz's Hands of Stone. The actor just reprised the part of pugilist in Grudge Match--a film that also saw Sylvester Stallone getting pigeonholed in the ring--but this time he'll keep the gloves off to instead take on a slightly more age-appropriate boxing role. He'll play legendary trainer Ray Arcel, who coached Panamanian boxing great Roberto Durán. Carlos and Zero Dark Thirty's Édgar Ramírez will play him in the film, which reportedly culminates in the the boxer's infamous rematch with Sugar Ray Leonard, when Durán suddenly gave up with pleas of "no más." Writer-director Jakubowicz calls the fight "the biggest enigma in the history of boxing"--big words when you remember how Tyson for some reason ate an ear--and further claims "[Hands of Stone] will answer the enigma." At last we will solve the mystery of why a guy getting punched asked to not be punched anymore.

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