Disney Announces 'Labyrinth' To Freak Everyone Out About a Remake

April 9, 2013


But don't worry; it's not a remake. This will be a different Labyrinth about a girl saving a family member from a labyrinth, as Disney acquired this Labyrinth from a pitch by Larry Brenner, a screenwriter whose script about zombies and vampires made the 2011 Black List and was picked up by Universal as another thing about zombies and/or vampires to make. The film's protagonist is a princess (described as "mythical" so, sadly, not a Kate Middleton labyrinth movie) that enters the titular maze to find her father, presumably the king. David Bowie is, of course, in no way involved but still needs to be brought up whenever we're talking about a movie called Labyrinth. Expect many more references to him as this project picks up.

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