'Finding Nemo' Sequel To Focus on Ellen DeGeneres the Fish

April 2, 2013


With Planes and Dane Cook's voice washing away any and all skepticism about milking Pixar franchises, the studio has finally released some details on Andrew Stanton's Finding Nemo sequel. Firstly, like you can see in the title card above, the film has been titled Finding Dory. As you might infer from that title, the movie will focus on Ellen DeGeneres's Dory--a departure from the first film's tight focus on the relationship between an African-American student and reclusive writer Sean Connery. It takes place "about a year" after the 2003 film, and will see the central fish "reunited with her loved ones." Given the character's prominent memory issues, that will probably be like when a hospitalized Alzheimer's patient is greeted by their visiting family, only to blankly stare through them with dazed confusion and a dismal lack of recognition for those who care most. Ellen promises "it's really funny."

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