'G.I. Joe' Franchise To Continue Being Way Paramount Makes Money

April 1, 2013


Following an exciting weekend in which G.I. Joe: Retaliation was overwhelmingly loathed but nonetheless hit a box office gross amount some executives had in mind, Paramount has begun work on another sequel.

Variety reports the film's $132 million worldwide weekend means we'll be seeing more of whomever in the film is still alive or could conceivably be brought back somehow, sources yesterday already confirming that a third casual interpretation of action figures is in the works. Retaliation was infamously delayed for nine months to add 3D and probably more Channing Tatum, but the follow-up will make sure not to repeat its predecessor's mistakes--at least dimension-wise, if not in the Tatum department--and "will most definitely be in 3D." It's not yet clear what the next film's plot will be, but assumedly it will continue in the franchise tradition of respecting military veterans, at last telling their story of metal faces bad, ninjas cool.

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