'Go the Fuck to Sleep' To Be Movie Fox 2000 Hopes You Will Go the Fuck to See

April 11, 2013


Go the Fuck to Sleep--the faux children's book that two years ago united parents in realizing the wish of cursing at their idiot offspring, too stupid to even understand the basic pleasures of physical rest--is going to be a movie now.

Fox 2000 and Twilight Saga producer Karen Rosenfelt, always eager to test the public's interest in novelty literature, have acquired the rights and hired on Party Down's Ken Marino and his Children's Hospital writer/wife Erica Oyama to adapt the gimmick into a film--which, hey, could maybe be about a vast ensemble of new, struggling parents and only bear a hazy, curse-free connection to the original title! But I'm just spitballing here.

The book was written by Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Ricardo Cortés, and as you could probably guess, it combined the cute art and simple rhyme schemes of a kid's picture book with the repeatedly contrasted plea for the infant listener to go the fuck to sleep. Its popularity took off when Samuel L. Jackson recorded the audiobook, which you can listen to below. It's not yet clear if, for his contributions, Jackson would be offered a role, or if his expressing sickness in all these motherfucking babies crying on this motherfucking plane is just too obvious.

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