James Franco Already Found Another James Franco Movie To Make

April 29, 2013


The ever-busy, ever-Franco-centric James Franco has found his next James Franco film to direct James Franco in. Deadline reports he'll direct and take a lead role in The Garden of Last Days, a Hanna Weg-scripted adaptation of Andre Dubus III's 2009 follow-up to The House of Sand and Fog. The book examines the stories of three people intersecting at the scene of so many a police report, a Florida strip club. One character is a stripper who's been forced to bring her three-year-old to work with her; another is a drunk, lonely guy upset over being thrown out of the club; the third is a foreign client free with his money and about to commit a heinous crime. The novel was originally focused around September 11, 2001, but Dubus reportedly "gave his blessing" to the setting to be shifted to our post-9/11, James Franco-omnipresent culture.

The project is already the third Franco has set up for himself just this calendar year, following commitments to direct and star in a Jay Sebring film and do Gucci documentary. He's also already in 11 other things this year, and he's been picking up shifts at the Target Food Court while Claire is out sick. Guy is crazy busy.

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