Jeremy Irvine To Be 'Woman in Black' Sequel's New Daniel Radcliffe

April 29, 2013


After The Woman in Black made an unexpected $127 million return on its $15 budget last year, it was pretty obvious there would be a sequel. Unfortunately for producers, the first film ends with the chilling reveal that Daniel Radcliffe is not ready to commit to another franchise so soon after Harry Potter, so now they've been forced to get War Horse's Jeremy Irvine to be in the follow-up. He'll star opposite British actress Phoebe Fox in The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (catchy!), which transports the action 40 years into the future, when the government has taken over the Eel Marsh manor and used it to house evacuated WWII children. Their presence re-awakens the ghost and her eternal loathing of government-funded social programs.

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