Justin Lin Won't Be Telling Vin Diesel How To Drive Anymore

April 4, 2013


Following seven years and four films of telling actors which direction to pretend they're steering, director Justin Lin is at last stepping away from the fast cars and smooth scalps of the Fast/Furious franchise.

THR reports Lin--who's helmed all the films since Tokyo Drift--will not be returning for the next Fast sequel. His reasoning? IT'S TOO FAST. But really, that's the issue. Since Universal has regrettably decided against a Battleship 2, the studio is desperate for tentpole films to fill up their summer 2014 schedule, so they want the seventh movie in theaters barely a year from now. As such, Lin would have to be prepping for that film while he's still CGI'ing a shirt on The Rock for the upcoming Fast & Furious 6, and he's reluctant to divide his attention like that. This is art.

Universal can respect that, but the stubborn fathers they are, they're determined to keep on driving, and are expected to select a new director as early as next week. In the meantime, Vin will just drive in circles.

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