MacGruber Says, "We Are Going To Make 'MacGruber 2' for Sure," and That's Why I Listen

April 10, 2013


Last time Will Forte spoke about the possibility of a MacGruber 2, he sounded pretty skeptical, as one often will be when their first film couldn't make back a $10 million budget. But that, like the rest of MacGruber's life story, was a long time ago, and speaking to Entertainment Weekly on the subject, Forte now sounds confident a sequel will indeed happen, even if it has to look terrible. Said the star:

"We are going to make MacGruber 2 for sure. Whether we have to do it with a video camera in our backyards - there will be some form of MacGruber 2."

Forte added that, like an increasing number of cult-beloved but completely unprofitable pieces of entertainment, MacGruber may well ultimately end up on Kickstarter. Sadly, still no word on what sort of donation price point it will be to watch MacGruber fuck something.

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