New 'Man of Steel' Trailer: Superman Returns, To Do Something Way More Epic Than 'Superman Returns'

April 17, 2013


We won't know for another couple months whether director Zack Snyder has pushed beyond his tone-deaf veneer of slick visual bombast for The Man of Steel, but he sure has made some nice-looking commercials. Here's the latest, which at last pushes beyond all the dramatic exposition of earlier trailers to reveal even more dramatic exposition. But also, thankfully, some glimpses of large-scale action, which even in its briefness seems to demonstrate the hero's strength and speed better than it's maybe ever been shown before.

As the film seems to be either a fourteen-hour miniseries or told entirely in montage, there's a lot more to take in from the three-minute preview, too, even without any Laurence Fishburne. Here you'll also see: Krypton! Additional supportive fatherhood (Russell Crowe's Jor-El joins Kevin Costner's Pa Kent to fight for #1 Dad)! A younger, pre-goatee General Zod! Energy beams! Planes! Christopher Reeves rising from the grave to give a thumbs up--and then he walks! Amy Adams delights. It's got pretty much everything a fan would want to see in a Superman movie. Except for anyone ever being called "Superman." You'll have to guess which character that is.

Close-up: Daily Planet, with a headline that for the first time labels Clark a "Super Man." Pull back to reveal paper is being read by bald man in suit gazing out a high-rise window. The end.

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