Matt Damon Is the Exo-Skeletoned 99% in 'Elysium' Trailer

April 10, 2013


Four years since District 9 made his name, director Neill Blomkamp returns to his niche of extremely overt sci-fi allegory with Elysium. Set in 2154, the film sees a future in which the wealthiest elite have relocated to some kind of fancy Club Med space station (that's Elysium), while everyone else is stuck in dumb old Earth. But hey, at least Matt Damon is also still on Earth, right? True enough, Ben Affleck, but it seems he won't be for long. For reasons that aren't explained--because, whatever, we get it, let's get to fighting bipedal robots--Damon needs to reach Elysium, and the only way to do that is by fighting a bunch of bipedal robots, apparently. Lucky for Damon, he had a black market procedure to install an Erector Set on his torso, and now he's strong enough to tear robot heads off. So it should be a pretty good fight.

Jodie Foster co-stars as some kind of Tilda Swinton-esque executive villain, while District 9's Sharlto Copley appears to play Cyber-Samurai Jim Henson. Here's the trailer:

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