More Good Times and Gym Shorts in 'Grown Ups 2' Trailer

April 3, 2013


Now three years since Grown Ups first clued us in on Adam Sandler having good times with his friends, Grown Ups 2 is at last here to assure us that, yes, the group is still together, and still not all that concerned about ever changing out of the clothes they sleep in. And putting an end to those interminable periods when they were not having a good time being friends, everyone but Rob Schneider (presumed dead) has now moved back to their small hometown--where their kids can ride their bikes to school, and somehow an elk can get in Sandler's bedroom to pee on him.

But, of course, high school can't last forever, and soon the group realizes that attempting to reclaim their past may ruin their future. What were once fun anecdotes of their childhoods are now increasingly-strained conversation topics repeated ad infinitum. Purposely-repressed memories are now painfully brought back, never to be escaped, upon the group's every forced meeting. Sandler's wife, given the startling change of scenery, has at last been jostled from her haze to realize that she's Salma Hayek, and could do a lot better than a schlubby man-child grasping at his youth. No, that's not what happens. Everyone dances with Shaq, and in case there are any lingering doubts about if they're having a good time, Poison's "Nothing But a Good Time" provides a subtle hint. They aren't that grown up!!!

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