'Ninja Turtles' Found a Smallish Splinter

April 16, 2013


Michael Bay's most recent Pain and Gain trailer calls a guy with dwarfism "that Cabbage Patch" before having the Rock carry him off, but apparently the director is still alright with the little acting community. Deadline reports that for the upcoming Ninja Turtles he's producing, he's just signed on Danny Woodburn, the Seinfeld co-star who similarly brought shame to small actors that one time he wore lifts to play a kid's stand-in. Woodburn will play Master Splinter, the anthropomorphic rat who serves as sensei and father figure to the turtles. The film's creature effects are all being done through motion-capture, but on the chance that Woodburn's casting has something to do with making the giant rat slightly less ridiculously giant, this may be the first known instance of Michael Bay showing restraint.

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