Patrick Duffy Suggests 'Step by Step' Reunion, Potentially Making It Better the Second Time Around

April 12, 2013


Step by Step star Patrick Duffy, like anyone else, would like to know if the kid who co-starred as Mark is dead now or what, and he's suggesting we finally find out. With a reunion movie.

"I would love to work with Suzanne [Somers] again," Duffy recently told The Hollywood Reporter while they updated their record of Patrick Duffy's hopes and dreams. "The Step by Step cast was so wonderful to be with. They were my family and I think a little two-hour special about where these people are - not a documentary, but actually doing a show - seeing where they all come to over the years."

While it's now a sure thing that this would NOT be a documentary, as much as you'd naturally assume it would be a Step by Step documentary, what's quite a bit less sure is how likely a reunion would be. ABC Family is working on a similar TGIF revival idea with the cast of Boy Meets World, but these days, Suzanne Somers is quite busy spreading the wisdom of how cleaning supplies make you kill people and Mark, it turns out, is not dead, and is reportedly at work teaching political science at Biola University.

Lucky for fans and Patrick Duffy, that's not the only old role Patrick Duffy is more than willing to reprise. The old Dallas star can currently be seen on TNT's newer Dallas, and, without prompting, he also offered that he'd come back to play the title role in his short-lived 1977 series The Man From Atlantis.

"It would be interesting to play that character 40 years later," he said of being the final Atlantean of the late '70s. "Not trying to be a superhero, but to be a sage voice of that kind of sci-fi thing... I would be the Obi Wan of The Man From Atlantis at that point." As it wasn't specified, assumedly that would be a documentary. Kickstarter?

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