Somehow More 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Stuff To Pre-Absorb: New Clip, and You Could Own This Poster

April 30, 2013


Despite their aggressive, nonstop marketing effort and the fact this Star Trek sequel is going to make a ton of money no matter what, Paramount remains worried no one is coming to see Star Trek Into Darkness, and they're going to look stupid in front of Benedict Cumberbatch. So, here are a couple some new incentives they've got to see the film.

Firstly, in collaboration with IMAX theaters and Gallery 1988, those who see Star Trek Into Darkness on IMAX Wednesday, May 15, 8pm will be getting the above print from artist Mark Englert. As you can see, it's certainly suitable for framing, but know that once you have, you've made a pretty strong decision with your home decor. You're the friend/former-lover with the elegant Enterprise painting framed over their couch. Participating theaters listed here.

Second, here's yet another clip from the film, this one showing a dramatic confrontation between Kirk and Cumberbatch's transparently-jailed "John Harrison." Watch below, but beware, it sort of spoils whether Chris Pine can do a less convincing "clearly upset white guy" than Matt Damon in Contagion. (Hint: Of course he can't, but who could?)

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