'The Purge' Trailer Takes Home Invasion Movies to a Slightly Higher Concept

April 3, 2013


Home invasion films are no new thing, but The Purge perhaps deserves a little recognition for at last making one with a more ridiculous conceit than Home Alone 2. The film stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey, and rests on the idea that maybe it's not poverty or sociopathy driving crime but just the need to murder someone every year or so. Thus, in this film's alternate vision of the U.S., every calendar year guarantees a "purge" day, wherein citizens can kill, rob, or do whatever else they want without The Man telling them that's illegal or just generally wrong. That program apparently drives crime and somehow unemployment down, but it also results in a stressful night for Hawke and Headey when their kid lower their security system to save a guy, leaving them vulnerable to some masked would-be murderers. Watch the trailer below, and prepare to rethink all your positive beliefs about that anti-law law that doesn't exist.

Yeah, not so great. But at least they changed the tagline to "one night a year, all crime is legal." I couldn't get behind the old one, "never lower your home security system for a black guy."

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