'Weird Science' Getting Remade Now

April 18, 2013


Fulfilling all the wildest fantasies of horny teenage nerds hoping to fuck John Hughes' ghost, Universal Pictures will remake the writer-director's 1985 sci-fi comedy Weird Science. Deadline reports the studio will produce with Joel Silver, with whom they worked on the original film that, while Project X and 21 Jump Street co-writer Michael Bacall is attached to script, which makes sense given his talent for writing popularity-seeking teens and shockingly-watchable '80s remakes.

For those unaware with the original, Weird Science was basically Frankenstein as filtered through Hughes and the "what if?" scenario many of us believed to be the only way we'd lose our virginity. It sees a couple nerdy kids use a computer, a Barbie doll, and lightning to somehow manifest a servile dream woman. Instead of then becoming an uncomfortable sex-slave fantasy, the film then reveals itself to be traditional coming-of-age tale, the crafted supermodel using the God-like powers she somehow possesses to help her makers find girlfriends and a new confidence within themselves. It's not quite a classic in the Hughes oeuvre, but it was at least crudely perverse enough to inspire a USA series back in the '90s, when the network was more blatantly a poor man's Cinemax. The plan is to now update the film with modern computers and lightning, as well as an R-rated edge already being compared to The Hangover. Given what we know about the National Lampoon's Vacation remake, presumably that means Ed Helms will be Anthony Michael Hall.

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