Zoe Saldana Returning to Nerdy Space Camp with 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

April 3, 2013


Following roles in Star Trek and Avatar, Zoe Saldana is reportedly in talks to continue her trend of guaranteeing future Comic Con signing appearances, as the actress is now in talks to join Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

She would join a weirdly eclectic cast that thus far includes Chris Pratt, a professional wrestler, and probably some comedy guy you liked in the '90s, and she would play Gamora, if that means anything to you. In short, she would be the adopted daughter of the teased Avengers 2 villain, Thanos, and the sole survivor of her species of green-skinned humanoids who are not this Ultraman guy. James Gunn is directing the film, which may well end with a scene in which Samuel L. Jackson shouts at a space raccoon. So you should probably get a ticket, at least for that.

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