Alfonso Cuarón's 'Gravity' Teaser: In Space, No One Can Hear Sandra Bullock Scream. Except Clooney

May 10, 2013


Though complete weightlessness is quite often a risk with Sandra Bullock movies, the danger takes on a new, more literal interpretation with her latest starring effort, Gravity. Alfonso Cuarón's first venture into sci-fi since Children of Men, the film sends scientist Dr. Bullock and veteran astronaut George Clooney on a spacewalk gone awry, setting them adrift in the deepest expanses of space--into a dark silence where only Clooney's charming anecdotes from the set of the Ocean's series keep them delightfully sane. The project struggled long in development while various other A-listers came and left the leads, and it was years ago said to contain a single opening shot that stretches "at least 20 minutes." Sounds contemplative! So presumably that happens just before this teaser scene, when everything explodes:

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