'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Makes Paul Giamatti Drive Angry

May 13, 2013


Though photos of a stunt man in a Deluxe Giamatti Scowl Mask already suggested this would be Aleksei "Rhino" Sytsevich's look in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, this weekend, director Marc Webb has confirmed it with this first official photo of a tattooed Paul Giamatti in the role. As you can clearly see, fans can now rest assured that Giamatti's Rhino will shout, and that he will drive a truck, but what's still not entirely certain is if he'll ever wear a giant rhinoceros suit. It seems like Webb might be going for more of a real-life thing here, and you know how it is in real life. Sometimes you just have to see how the night goes before you know whether or not anyone is going to put on a rhinoceros costume.

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