Hasbro Embarrassingly Arguing Over Dungeons & Dragons

May 15, 2013


Making public an argument that should remain in their corner of the cafeteria, Hasbro and producer Courtney Solomon have entered into a legal dispute over Dungeons & Dragons, both sides arguing that they have initiative to make another film based on our nerdiest hobby.

Hasbro reportedly suit against Solomon on Monday, attempting to put a stop to the film his Sweetpea Entertainment has in development at Warner Bros. Sweatpea produced the 2000 Dungeons & Dragons film that featured Jeremy Irons and Marlon Wayans, as well as two made-for-television sequels, and as much as anyone could ever have the right to make those things, they did.

But Hasbro claims that since those films--and since pen-and-paper role-playing has become so enormously popular that everyone wants to make a movie about it--the sequel rights have reverted back to their subsidiary, Wizards of the Coast. Complicating matters further, they've already sold what they believe to be their rights to Universal, both parties mutually agreeing to willfully ignore how their board game partnership worked out for Battleship.

In a statement, Solomon has said he plans to fight the injunction, saying, "We have made three [terrible] pictures so far, and we're going to make more," adding, "We intend to deal with [Hasbro] quickly and firmly and we are confident we will prevail."

Neither side has yet realized that no one can own... your imagination!

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