'Joe Dirt' Sequel Coming from Crackle and Some Place of Self-Loathing

May 3, 2013


In Sony's first move in re-positioning their Crackle video service as the Hulu of warmly mocking poor hillbillies, the company today announced their first venture into feature-length films will be with a sequel to 2001's Joe Dirt.

They're reportedly calling the project "the first digital movie sequel to a hit motion picture"--dubious in both its ambition and claim, as the David Spade comedy wasn't even really a hit. It opened at number four, and made only $30 million worldwide over its entire run. Its most notable, enduring accomplishment is the honor of sitting at the top of Ebert's Most Hated list. Yet this won't even be the first time someone has tried to mine more comedy from the literal and figurative piles of shit within Joe Dirt: back in 2010, TBS was developing the film into an animated series.

Despite the allure of doing it cheaper as Spawn of Dirt, Sony promises the sequel will again star Spade and, despite a dozen years having passed, "pick up where the last one left off," before Joe's inevitable decline into meth addiction.

Sony also promised a martial arts film with Jon Woo and sensei Danny Glover, and renewed Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, promising next season's episodes to include Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, and David Letterman. You know, if you're into that sort of thing, where people talk like human beings and no one has a mullet wig.

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