'Medieval Times' To Be a Movie You Also Would Only Go to for Someone's Stupid Birthday or Something

May 13, 2013


True to Medieval Times' innovative spirit of bringing a ren faire to a Boston Market, production companies Benderspink and Broken Road are now working toward bringing the entire novelty food-and-LARPing establishment to movie theaters.

Deadline reports they've teamed to make a rights deal with Medieval Times, aimed at "turning it into a feature film property." Once some talent is attached, they plan on delivering it to studios as a package deal, a pre-determined platter of cinematic chicken and garlic bread, spare rib, and Pastry of the Castle.

The restaurant-cum-jousting-showcase has previously appeared in Garden State and The Cable Guy but, if you were wondering, did not appear in Black Knight. That was a knock-off middle ages-themed place Martin Lawrence worked at, before getting transported back in time to the actual middle ages. And while that may well end up being the plot of this film as well, that's not yet undetermined, as the project does not yet have writer. Just 75 struggling performers at nine locations nationwide, all about to tragically learn that the résumé item "actor at Medieval Times" somehow can't even get you a job acting in Medieval Times.

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