Michael B. Jordan Up for Human Torch in 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

May 2, 2013


Chronicle and Parenthood's Michael B. Jordan is reportedly the frontrunner for the part of Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot. Because it is not the 1950s, no one is going to embarrassingly flip out about this, alright?

In Fox's previous dismal efforts at bringing the quartet to screens, the self-immolating hero was played by now-Captain America Chris Evans, who, like the Human Torch of the comics and almost every other mainstream superhero, was and remains a white guy. Jordan is not, but again, you're a progressive, modern person who is fine with that, yes? You aren't the type to woefully argue that "they" should just wait for Black Panther or Luke Cage to get a movie. You know those characters aren't nearly as cool as a guy who flies around shooting flames. And besides that, Jordan's casting reportedly isn't a done deal yet anyway. TheWrap says the Chronicle reunion is contingent on his chemistry with the other actors--one of whom is rumored to be Girls' Allison Williams. She'd likely play Invisible Woman, the Human Torch's sister, and a line about adoption could cover that and still easily be the most plausible part of this thing. Okay?

Anyway, while you're being very mature about the Fantastic Four now looking slightly different but more accurate to America's non-white demographics percentage, you can expect that the white separatists over at the Council of Conservative Citizens will react with far more vitriol. Back when Thor was coming out, they infamously raised a public stink that Asgard would so openly treat Idris Elba as an equal, because they are racists. But on the bright side, this time if they try to burn any effigies in protest, it will just look like they're really supportive.

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