Mister Rogers Biopic To Reveal What He WASN'T Teaching Us

May 2, 2013


What secrets were Mister Rogers hiding in his cardigan-filled closet? Get ready to find out it's probably just more cardigans with A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, a biopic on the children's show host that reportedly just sold on spec to Treehouse Pictures. Details of the film's scope and story aren't yet revealed, and to look at Rogers' Wikipedia page, it's not all that easy to make-believe what the interesting angle will be. Rogers lived a healthy Presbyterian life of exercise and vegetarianism, abstaining from drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and hookers, so there's not a clear dramatic arc beyond everyone loving Mister Rogers. But since the script comes from Alexis Jolly, an Ellen staff writer, you can count on it nailing the voice of "friendly person talking directly at an afternoon audience." Maybe with some early-years stuff where Rogers' mom obsesses over wearing "indoor sneakers," then a big climax where his famous appearance before Congress has more impassioned shouting and swelling music?

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