New 'Only God Forgives' Clips Offer Violence and 'Meet the Parents'-Style Laughs

May 1, 2013


Continuing on today's subject of things that rouse memories of Drive, here are some new clips from the latest collaboration of Ryan Gosling, director Nicolas Winding Refn, and stylized violence, Only God Forgives. The clips are pretty much just longer looks at scenes we've already glimpsed in several trailers, but are definitely worth watching. They really cement that Refn has done it again, "it" being made an intense, moody, powerfully-violent drama with mostly just scenes of Gosling getting quietly angry.

Not safe for work for reasons of: restaurant massacre, faces getting fucked up by glassware and stir fry, mother-son relationships getting fucked up by Gos-Mom Kristin Scott Thomas's comparison of her kids' penises, and "cum-dumpster."

No one in this movie is forgiving shit.

3 New ONLY GOD FORGIVES Clips Give The People What They Want [Twitch]

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