New Posters for 'Man of Steel' and a Parenthetical Vagina

May 2, 2013


See how Superman flies like sort of a dope, and Lars von Trier is as subtle as ever, with some new posters for the summer's hottest blockbusters, Man of Steel and Nymphomaniac. Word of warning, though: the Nymphomaniac poster might be NSFW. It depends on your workplace's policy on punctuation as crudely-rendered genitalia.


Were you able to look at Superman's face without quietly droning "uhhhhhhhh"? If so, how?


Phillip Einstein Lipski and Maria Biilmann reportedly developed and designed this poster for Nymphomaniac, saying they've "tried to distil the intimacy and the obscenity of the film down to its simplest form." They also refer to it as a "campaign," so in the future we can probably expect a 8===D~~~

[Yahoo! / TrustNordisk (via) ]

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