'Ninja Turtles' Casts William Fichtner in 'Iconic' Role

May 10, 2013


After over a decade rehabilitated from Michael Bay, Armageddon and Pearl Harbor supporting star William Fichtner is returning to that world of CGI havoc for the Bay-produced Ninja Turtles. Deadline brings the news but say only that Fichtner will take on "a lead with iconic stature in the Turtles' mythology." Thanks to that description and Fichtner's inherently-ominous face, thoughts have naturally turned to Shredder--the Turtles' most commonly-fought, best-known foe beyond time's effect on dated slang. But let's remember that Shredder is meant to be Japanese, and since when would Michael Bay turn down the chance to broadly characterize asians as evil ninjas? It seems that Fichtner may just as well be playing nearly-as-iconic The Fly knock-off Baxter Stockman, the face of Krang's brain, or an unexpectedly-aged Casey Jones.

So, to play it safe, for now I'm only going to rule out Wyrm, Walkabout, rip-roarin' skateboardin' reptile Mondo Gecko, and both Muckman and Joe Eyeball. We'll keep Ace Duck on the table.

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