Now We'll Have Two Quicksilvers, Plus All That Crap at PacSun

May 24, 2013


Kick-Ass and American Horror Story's Evan Peters has reportedly joined X-Men: Days of Future Past as Quicksilver, the mutant hero able to move surprisingly fast in his baby boy's onesie.

The film has quite a few peripheral characters showing up in presumably smaller roles, but what makes director Bryan Singer's reveal for Quicksilver interesting is that it comes a month after word that Joss Whedon would also be including the hero (and sister Scarlet Witch) in The Avengers 2. Due to the character's origins and common team affiliations, nerd attorneys have reportedly split the rights between Fox and Marvel, the Solomon-like edict dividing Quicksilver's Magneto lineage from his best-known work with the Avengers. That means the Quicksilver of Whedon's film won't be able to make reference to X-Men or even to being a mutant, and it seems almost certain another actor will play the part in the Marvel universe.

It's not like this will be the first time a hero has been portrayed by different actors, though. I mean, just think of all the films that have had different guys playing Nelson Mandela. Like with those, this will surely all work out with enough white hair dye.

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