Now You Can Insert Tobias Fünke Anywhere, Shop Frozen Bananas Online

May 15, 2013


Only 11 more days until Arrested Development's fourth season, and here are the new, amazingly-elaborate excuses Netflix has made for us to bring that up today.

Firstly, we've got a website for analrapist Tobias Fünke's latest ill-titled business venture, InsertMeAnywhere. As its name nearly succeeds in implying, the site continues Tobias's acting ambitions with green-screened clips and photos of the Scandalmakers star playing archetypes that can be "inserted" over other projects. Options include "Average Fellow," "Big Man on Campus," "Motorcycle Ruffian," and more. Have a look at his "sizzling reel" below. As described, his "bits are sure to startle you!"

Meanwhile, over on the food service side of things, Tobias has already been inserted in an ad campaign for ManGo! juice--their slogan, aptly, being "It's like having a mango in your mouth." And while the Bluth Frozen Banana Stand is currently making its way around Manhattan on tour, those who haven't had the chance to order a frozen banana in person can now simulate the experience on Seamless, where menu items like "J-U-I-C-E" and "Prison's best ice cream sandwich" are also available as in-jokes.

Hopefully all that will keep your Arrested Development cravings sated until the May 26 premiere. And if not, don't worry, because tomorrow Netflix will be revealing that they've somehow stuffed Jeffrey Tambor in your attic.

(Thanks, M.F.)

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