Paul Giamatti's 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Rhino Will Look Like This (as a Halloween Mask)

May 1, 2013


You saw Drive, right? So you know how Stunt Drive Action™ Gosling had that full-head mask to make him look like the smooth actor he was stunt driving for? Well, similarly, here's a stunt driver in a bald Paul Giamatti head-piece for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. As you may recall, Giamatti is playing Rhino in the film, so he'll assumedly at some point look more like Paul Giamatti's face sticking out of a rhinoceros pelt. But as the character begins as merely Russian criminal Aleksei Sytsevich, first he'll look like this: like a tattooed Russian criminal, in a Paul Giamatti's Frakenstein mask.

For more rationale on this definitely being a Rhino stunt double, SevenWebHeads (via) have below done a video clarifying things. They do not explain why Rhino pretends to put on lipstick.

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