'Riddick' Trailer: It's Vin Versus the Whole Khaki-Colored World

May 15, 2013


Born from a muddy CGI womb cradled amid Ghosts of Mars, 300, and a Sega CD cutscene from Sewer Shark, Riddick returns Vin Diesel to his role as a muscle-bound mole-man and drops him on a desolate, entirely Vin Diesel-colored planet. There, both bounty hunters and the even more dangerous native fauna threaten his existence, and Vin Diesel lifts his goggles real cool-like, like you can tell he's imagining Yello's "Oh Yeah" is playing.

Here's the trailer. If you don't remember the last couple Riddick movies, don't worry about it. This doesn't seem to rely too heavily on understanding that mythology. Just on understanding Vin Diesel's groan language.

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