[UPDATED] U.S. Citizen Reese Witherspoon Allowed To Stand on American Ground and Be in Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice'

May 16, 2013


Bringing back together the award-winning chemistry of Walk the Line, and also half the leads of the 2010 James L. Brooks comedy How Do You Know, Paul Thomas Anderson has added Reese Witherspoon to the cast of Inherent Vice. She'll appear alongside former co-stars Joaquin Phoenix and Owen Wilson in the Thomas Pynchon adaptation, a '70s-set detective tale of kidnapping and getting high. Benicio del Toro recently joined the production as well, while Philip Seymour Hoffman remains conspicuously absent. A film can only hold so many flowing blonde tresses.

UPDATE: Jena Malone and Martin Short have also reportedly joined the film as, respectively, a former drug addict and "Fuckin' Martin Short! When's the last time I saw that guy in a movie?"

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