'White House Down' Now the Fun Buddy Comedy of 'Die Hard'-in-the-White-House Movies

May 3, 2013


Earlier this spring, Olympus Has Fallen stole White House Down's thunder by being the first film to warn Americans of the very serious threat that maybe someone will blow up the White House, and only one would-be Secret Service agent will have enough abs to help. So, White House Down seems to be changing its marketing strategy a little bit. As you'll see in this new trailer, no longer is the destruction of D.C. and kidnapping of the United States President such a serious threat. Now it's merely a farcical opportunity for buddy comedy between a dolt dad and a bespectacled president who--ha ha!--can't even hold on to a rocket launcher! How do you lose a rocket launcher??? Of course, it is still a Roland Emmerich movie, so between laughs, keep an eye out for the director's signature things blowing up.

Yes, if only they could reach the phone to call in some special forces. Because probably no one else would have done that already.

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