Zach Braff Already Spending His Fun Money on Mandy

May 15, 2013


With just over a week to go on his Kickstarter, Zach Braff has already made over half-a-million more than the $2 million he asked people to give him. So, he's decided to spend a little of his "fun money" on some Mandy, hiring on Princess Bride star Mandy Patinkin to the new film some people are paying him to make, Wish You Were Here.

Continuing his work in father death, Patinkin will play ailing dad to Braff's updated, 30-something version of 20-something ennui. It's due to his illness that the protagonist is forced to home-school two much-younger siblings, driving the emotional growth that will ostensibly see Braff at last dramatically come-of-age. At least until he becomes directionless again in his 40s. But that's a tale for another decade, and it's going to cost you at least another $3 million.

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