Bob Odenkirk Will Write and Act for the 'Troll 2' Kid

June 4, 2013


Over a decade since Run Ronnie Run! left audiences and the writers themselves a little disappointed in what a Mr. Show movie ended up being, Bob Odenkirk is going to give feature film writing another shot with Girlfriend's Day. Odenkirk will also reportedly star in the film, playing a greeting card writer tasked with inventing the perfect sentiment for the nascent title holiday; instead he ends up involved "in a web of murder and deceit," as will sometimes happen over at Shoebox Greetings.

troll-2-kid.jpgThough Odenkirk has been slowly building a directing résumé for some time, he'll be giving his script over to the kid from Troll 2, Michael Stephenson, the not-very-good actor who transitioned into a better director by documenting his cult-famous rotten film in Best Worst Movie. They're said to be looking at a fall production start in L.A., and, incidentally, the perfect sentiment for Girlfriend's Day is: "For me, every day is Girlfriend's Day with a girlfriend like you, and that's why I will never marry you."

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