First 'Appetizer' from 'Nymphomaniac' To Tease Our Insatiable Sexual Desires

June 28, 2013


For Nymphomaniac, director Lars von Trier put together a cast that includes Willem Dafoe, Shia LaBeouf, Uma Thurman, Christian Slater, and his favorite leading lady, the anguish of Charlotte Gainsbourg. But you won't see any of them in this first clip from the film, which is labeled as an "appetizer" from the film's first chapter, "The Compleat Angler." In it, we see a teenage version of our titular sex heroine on a train, where she first learns to seduce, dissociate from the act of sex, and connect it to a feeling of reward. Nice that von Trier provides an origin story in case you haven't read what he wrote in to Penthouse Forum.

What a strange but effective commercial for new Chocolate Mentos.

As described officially:

How does an ordinary bag of chocolate sweets become a symbol of sexual victory?

As Joe and her experienced friend B embark on a train trip, they bet on how many men they can seduce on the ride.

The grand prize is a delicious bag of chocolate sweets, and it soon becomes clear to Joe that in order to win, she needs to lure the prey into biting the hook like a skilled fisherman.

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