Javier Bardem's Latest Moron Hairstyle Explained: It's Just Brian Grazer's Hair

June 26, 2013


If you watched the recently-released trailer for Ridley Scott's The Counselor, then you know that Javier Bardem has at last completed his ridiculous hair trilogy, closing the dramatic arc of his No Country for Old Men pageboy and Skyfall Californians look with this swept up, spiky thing. And if you're producer Brian Grazer, then you also know that this latest stupid hair is your stupid hair. Scott reportedly confirmed as much at 20th Century Fox International's CineEurope presentation, explaining, "I called [Grazer] and said, 'he's going to look like you.'" So that explains that.

Grazer's actual hair explanation remains up for debate but probably involves a lot of gel and self-loathing.

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