'Man of Steel' Cost Metropolis Quite a Lot in Damages, If That Wasn't Obvious

June 18, 2013


In news that should not really surprise anyone who's seen Man of Steel (if not, you should probably stop reading), a sort of scientific study has determined that the devastating climax of that film cost a lot more damage and loss of life than 9/11. The report comes courtesy of Buzzfeed, who gave a consulting firm of Watson Technical Consulting their most fun work field trip, sending them to see the Superman movie and excitedly report back on how much stuff got smashed.

Running analyses on the film's World Engine impact, and the cost of Superman and Zod tossing each other into buildings for twenty minutes before realizing the effectiveness of the full nelson, the consultants determined that the damage to Metropolis would be a staggering $2 trillion. Breaking that down, they estimate 129k casualties, with 250k missing and another million injured--plus one asshole trapped and demanding that her boss stay and die with her. In terms of raw physical damage, they estimate a cost of over $750 billion. To put that in perspective, 9/11's physical damage was said to be around $55 billion. And that is why we must never let the terrorists get two giant alien tripods that shoot CGI gravity beams or something.

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