'Man of Steel', 'The Purge' of Course Already Getting Sequels

June 11, 2013


Don't worry, everyone, this month will not be the end of superhero movies, cheap but profitable horror films, and sequels, as follow-ups to Man of Steel and The Purge are already in the works.

Deadline reports that with the latest Superman film expected to have a huge opening this weekend, Warner Bros. has already put a sequel to not be called Superman Returns on the fast track. Director Zack Snyder is already attached to bring his visionary visions to the project, while writer David Goyer will also return as part of a three-picture deal that also includes a Justice League script, just in case the studio ever gets the courage to do that. It's too early to predict the villain or plot for the sequel, but here's betting it will involve less fishing.

The Purge producer Jason Blum, meanwhile, tweets that a sequel to his sleeper hit of last weekend is likewise in early development at Universal. It will just be an hour-and-a-half of Lena Headey at work telling everyone what a stressful weekend she had.

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