Philip Seymour Hoffman Joins Increasingly-Great Cast of 'Child 44'

June 26, 2013


How do you make your Noomi Rapace-Tom Hardy film stand out among the other Noomi Rapace-Tom Hardy films that also promise pitbulls? With all the best actors, obviously. As such, Summit Entertainment is now reportedly in negotiations with Philip Seymour Hoffman to join the Daniel Espinosa thriller Child 44.

The production already has fuckin' Gary Oldman being the best actor in it, but after over two weeks of shooting in Prague, it became clear that the film could definitely use more of the best acting, leading to Hoffman's belated addition. Perfectly adequate actor Joel Kinnaman is also in the film, which focuses on Hardy as a Soviet officer investigating a series of child murders. In the process, he falls under the scrutiny of his superiors, which hopefully means Oldman and Hoffman will team up to flip out, harmonizing their respective livid shouts for an angry-as-shit duet. Otherwise this very promising film is going to be a pretty big letdown.

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