'The Family' Trailer Sure Is a Robert DeNiro Movie

June 5, 2013


In a year in which he'll play one of four old famous guys doing The Hangover, somehow Robert De Niro has found a way to make an even more "yup, that's something modern Robert De Niro would do" movie in The Family. As one would demand of a Robert De Niro film titled "The Family," De Niro of course plays a really old father and a Brooklyn mafia guy, because "family" has both those meanings we can enjoy. Then he snitches and gets witness relocated in France, and the rest of the movie is us enjoying that. As the plain vanilla icing on this De Niro yellow cake, Tommy Lee Jones plays, yes, a stern government agent, while Michelle Pfeiffer plays De Niro's wife, because Diane Keaton already foolishly wasted her turn doing that on The Big Wedding. Just to make explicit that this is a Robert De Niro mafia film, Martin Scorsese executive produces, and for some reason Luc Besson directs, and here is the trailer that you would expect to result from all that:

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