There Will Also Be Other Lego Movie About Lego Ninjas

June 28, 2013


With the trailer for their Lego Movie winning praise for its clever take on the material, Warner Bros. is already beginning work on another Lego movie that, disappointingly, will not include the current film's Lego Shaq and his Lego pizzas. Titled Ninjago, the new feature will reportedly hew closer to Lego's usual handling of their brand, looking at just a single toy line. In this case, it will be "Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu," the 2011-launched line that spun-off the 1998 Castle figures commonly referred to as "the ninja guys." The toys have already spawned a hit Cartoon Network series, but despite that show's popularity, its creators Dan and Kevin Hageman are apparently working on an all-new take for the film. In a realistic spin, now the action will all obnoxiously take place on the restaurant booth-back behind you.

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