'Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer: Turns Out These Investment Guys Can Be Real Jerks

June 17, 2013


Scorsese is back with DiCaprio, and DiCaprio is back to getting his hair combed back and being stuffed in an outdated suit to the rhythms of Kanye. This time it's for The Wolf of Wall Street, Scorsese's film about an '80s brokerage shit-head who got incredibly rich manipulating the stock market--based on a real-life shit-head who did that! DiCaprio plays said shit-head, upgrading his Gatsby "decadently throwing expensive items" routine from tossing fancy shirts to tossing lobsters and little people (separately, obviously).

Still, like Goodfellas, for being about a greedy, dangerous, near-sociopath's descent into drug addiction and eventual criminal prosecution, it looks like a surprisingly fun time. Here's the trailer.

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