'A Single Shot' Trailer: Sam Rockwell Shoots a Girl -- But, Hey, Free Money!

July 25, 2013


David M. Rosenthal's A Single Shot starts with some bad news and some good news. Bad news: Hunting Action Hillbilly™ Sam Rockwell accidentally shot a lady while trying to kill a deer. Good news: Apparently Rockwell exists within a video game world, because at her kill site spawned a box of cash. Unfortunately, there's still a lot more bad news for Sam, as his wife is filing for divorce, his lawyer (an amazingly-toupéed William H. Macy) is blackmailing him, and it turns out Jason Isaacs and his criminal buddies are looking for that money, and they're willing to kill dogs and kidnap kids to get it back. It's like, man, can't there ever just be a big box of free money without a dark, murderous thriller attached? I guess not.

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