'Butterfly Effect' Writer-Director Rewriting His Past, Even Though His Whole Point Was To Not Do That

July 26, 2013


The Butterfly Effect co-writer Eric Breiss is attached to rewrite his past by penning a remake to correct the mistakes of his 2004 film, as if that's not a little too on-the-nose, right?

Bress directed with co-writer J. Mackeye Gruber on the original, which starred Ashton Kutcher as a man able to magically return to his past by reading his old diaries (now old tweets, probably); in trying to change prior traumatic events, he learns that his alterations cause a massive ripple effect on his future, and that is how Kutch invents chaos theory. It's not yet certain who will direct this one, but the original's producers are also back on board and already seem to think they can again end up with a franchise, with Variety notably calling this not a "remake" but a "reboot." Unless, of course, Bress realizes another disconnected trilogy is actually a much worse future for all of us. In which case, there is still a way to stop this...

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