'Cold Comes the Night' Trailer: Eastern European Heisenberg, and Hey, More Free Money!

July 26, 2013


As Sam Rockwell so recently learned, these days, it's like you can't even a big pile of cash without a dark, murderous thriller being attached. Now it's Alice Eve's turn to figure that out with Cold Comes the Night. In the film, she too find a dead girl beside a big cache of money (their most common drop item, apparently). And, as it so often turns out, that money also belongs to a criminal--specifically, to Eastern European Bryan Cranston, the one who doesn't even bother knocking and just storms in with a hostage in tow. Eve's daughter is taken hostage, shots are fired, someone gets conked in the head with a frying pan, and yet again it seems that a big pile of free money isn't even worth the headache. If there's going to be karmic retribution either way, might as well just keep stealing from the elderly.

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