'Everest' To Be Climbed by Jake Gyllenhaal, John Hawkes, Josh Brolin

July 18, 2013


Everest--the Everest that was going to star Christian Bale, not the Everest that's going to star Tom Hardy, that is--is no longer going to star Christian Bale. Now, Deadline reports, the Baltasar Kormákur-directed film will probably instead see Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, and John Hawkes recreating the dramatic television event of ABC's 1997 TV movie Into Thin Air.

Gyllenhaal has also reportedly signed on to Nightcrawler, an indie thriller that has disappointingly little to do with teleporting X-Men. Thanks to these new commitments, he's been forced to drop out of Disney's fairy tale character ensemble Into the Woods, where he was set to play Cinderella's prince alongside stars Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, and Anna Kendrick. Assumedly that part will now go to Armie Hammer, as being a handsome prince and standing beside Johnny Depp are just the things he was eugenically bred for.

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